Police Complaints - A completely flawed system.

The wrongly accused person becomes a victim of the Justice System, they become 'Collateral Damage' through a major wrong perpetrated on them. In my opinion, they should have the full resources of an independent investigation service at their disposal, to conclude the full reasons for any accusation and their arrest, detainment, invasive search of their property, bail, and any failed prosecutions. Redress should be a matter of course and not a matter of resistance. Rather than the current process of limited investigation with the Police investigating themselves through 'local resolution', mostly undertaken by an immediate line manager. Currently this subserves any arguement, dilutes the gravitas of the event and belittles any process of redress.

Wide public perception is that most complaints are handled by the former  'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (IPCC) that was a non-departmental public body in England and Wales. It was responsible for overseeing the system for handling complaints made against police forces in England and Wales, but only handling the most extreme complaints, often the ones involving death, occuring after the individual being in direct contact with the Police. On the 8th of January 2018, the IPCC was replaced by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), as overwhelming public opinion showed a loss of faith in their ability to handle or ameliorate complainents. I am of the opinion that this has become a re-branding excercise. It seems the IOPC (the successor to the IPCC) is primarily an advisory body for the police and will only investigate the Police when someone dies, or the police refer themselves. So it begs the question; What has changed? There is no proper independent recourse for a false allegation.

Complaints against the police are not handled with any independence, with most being determined as a 'local resolution' issue and kept in house. The adage of 'marking your own homework' comes to mind. These investigations cannot be considered as objective or sound, so long as they are conducted by a line manager or close colleague. The current process of the 'Professional Standards' Dept using the line manager to conduct an investigation is flawed and tempered to protecting the service rather than establishing the truth.

In nearly all my cases of a complaint to the 'Professional Standards' department s, of both Police forces, these been greeted with 'intimation', 'suggestion' or 'option' for me to withdraw my complaint. I am not of the belief that any person who puts pen to paper, with the gravitas level of drawing up a complaint, often on their own, does not believe in the substance of their complaint. My gracious father, a published writer, who died in 2018, said: "The Police will never understand you, as they deal with too many who have the same level of literacy as they have". His words have been proven, by some of the humdinger of replies I have had from Senior investigators. On nearly every complaint, they have presented half answers to questions asked, delayed and delayed in their response and lacked full probity in their actions.