Misguided, at best.

Those of us who followed the work of Ray Wyre until his untimely death in 2008, recognise how complex the minds of sex offenders are. What has become an irony and anathema, for me, is that I dealt with the severely damaged minds of children who had been perpetrated upon, and all being left with life long psychological scarring,  I was then acc [...]

Lest we forget . . .

"It started with words and hate speech, which led to mass murder and the unthinkable". The words of an older friend, Bella Robinson-Zel, an Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor who is no longer with us. I was a fortunate youngster who had grown up in post-war West Berlin. I was a soldier's son and even at the tender age of 9, I was acutely awa [...]

Young minds and bodies will be destroyed

Over the last 20 years, we have seen many legitimate convictions relating to accusations of sexual abuse. We have also seen many cases of failed prosecutions. Collectively the police, the Crown Prosecution service, parliamentatrians and member of society have done damage to the male population, primarily in supporting the overzealous reaction by th [...]

'Do or Die'.

"You're not depressed, are you?" remarked my former GP, way back. "No" I bleated out, "I'm just fucking angry". It is in this anger that I am sustained, despite my GP raising his concerns about the effects it has had on my physical health, my hypertension, and the risk of me becoming depressed. There are no tre [...]

. . . . and the Police would definately not want this to happen.

Sometimes conventional thinking needs a good shake-up or a radical overhaul. Consider this premise from someone whose life has been stripped raw from a false allegation by the Police. I was arrested and detained; then subjected to Police bail for three months without any supporting evidence;  I then lost my employment in a trusted status profe [...]

The one letter which generated the 'light bulb Moment'.

I was never sure which police force 'pulled the strings' and which police force was doing the puppeteer's dance. There was much backstage management of me from the moment of my arrest. Initially, it was Devon and Cornwall Police who figuratively had 'loaded the gun' for North Yorkshire Police to fire, acknowledged by them in a c [...]

Beggars Belief

We have adopted, from other countries, many criminal and civil laws into the UK legislature over the last 100 years, but it may not be the case of following European generated laws after December 2020. However, there is in principle nothing stopping our government adopting the same traunce of laws as our continental or American friends after 2020. [...]

The Insurance Salesmen.

If anyone can combobulate a sentence, it is me. I am sure that I could attain a masters degree in the mis-use of the English language. This said, I have returned to my writings. Everyone has a book in them (with some, that's where it should stay especially the 21 year singer who decides to write their autobiography). For me, writing represents [...]