Beyond the cells


I later found out that my appointment with the Duty Mental Health Team, at the nearrest North Yorkshire Hospital, resulted from the police liaisons with Devon and Cornwall Constabulary  to North Yorkshire police. The confidential information contained in a comprehensive folder in the attic at 'home' was disclosed about my medical conditions. This was supported by years of correspondence to and from medical professionals about my incontinence, my immune response and my disabilities. Specifically within this folder there was a letter, containing a paragraph, about my consideration of suicide back in 2004 ( a very 'dark'  time in my life).

In the subsequent early hours, I was discharged from the hospital, with a determination from the Duty Mental Health Team that I was not going to harm myself. I was a little more comfortable as the hospital had given me a fresh incontinence pad. My comfort waned as I walked the streets of the town.  

Unfortunately after a 1 mile 'dead of night' walk, from the hospital not knowing where I was going with me just following the street signs for the town centre, I had to seek shelter from the elements of a very cold, little cloud cover, misty and damp night, I walked to the main shopping area where I stayed on benches in a small park trying to keep awake, until it became light.  With not having a coat, the only saviour to the slight drizzle and my shivering was a tenner in my jacket pocket, this was enough money to pay for a thin pullover from the '24hr' ASDA. I stayed in the ASDA for a long as I could to keep warm and not attracting the attention of the overnight shelf stackers. My only protection from the night air was a summer shirt and my mixed fibre suit jacket, which was ideal for a Summer day, but not for a cold Summer night!

I returned to the Police station at 10 am as requested. I was unwashed, unshaven and had not had a minutes sleep overnight. I was re-united with my car and was handed back several packets of my NHS supplied adult incontinence pads, the Police had seized. All my possessions from the college, not seized by the Police, were boxed up and given to me in the college car park. With me in a very tearful and exhausted state, I then drove the long distance to my house in Devon.






Mr.P.R.Sincock - Complaints Appeal Unit - Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

"You have not been charged or prosecuted for any offences but your arrest has resulted in a number of adverse personal consequences."

This must be considered as the 'Understatement of the Year'. Describing the impact the arrest had on my life. In my complaint I asked them to explain the 'specific reasons' and evidence for my arrest. - An explanation of procedures was given, but no significant reason or evidence has ever been produced.


This is a personal website. Opinions expressed are from my own experience. Data is supported by written evidence. This site has been a cathartic exercise to recondition my thoughts away from ending my life. Throughout, there is no intention to defame or cause any harm to another person. There is, however, an eagerness by me to share my story and life with others, letting the public know what is happening under their noses, allowing them to judge me with all the information.