I have now been out of work for over three years.  Under the exceptional case procedures, it takes the instruction of each Chief Constable to agree personally for the removal of my details of the arrest to be stricken off the Police National Computer and furtherly give the instruction for the destruction of my DNA, Fingerprint record and Photograph. This rare event for most people who ask for this to be done - it is not granted.(360 records out of 800,000 created in the period of  2009 - 2014)  In my case this has been done after a long and hard battle and I believe to appease me after many  'upheld'  complaints against the Police.

The Education Services, Health Services and Social Services are all under strict employment rules and follow all 'safeguarding procedures' when employing someone. It would be impossible, even with my now 'clean' enhanced CRB (DBS) status,  to not bring to the fore my arrest. This is because I must account for and explain any breaks in my employment and reasons for those breaks, with supporting evidence. Already, I have had rejections from applications, even where I have provided documentary evidence that I was never involved in any crime. Understandably most employment agencies do not want to deal with 'complex' people

The consequences are that any organisation compelled to follow these guidelines is going to scrutinise me, with a greater intensity than any other candidate who applies for a position. Only exceptionally strong character references are likely to have a positive impact from the doubt many might have.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary were instrumental in calling for my arrest, after arresting my housesitting 'lodger'. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary have  'completed'  an Internal Investigation by their own Professional Standards team. I am still following a lengthy procedure to repair my life and living standards, but it is like wading through treacle!

I had always sought a direct apology from the Chief Constable Sean Sawyer - Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, just of the nature "We cocked it up!"  Furthermore, (even today in 2016) I am still seeking an explanation of what were the reasonable, objective grounds for the suspicion, based on known facts, evidence and information, which at the time were relevant to the likelihood that an offence had been committed by me? 

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary have stil refused to explain themselves and 'why they asked another force to arrest me'. The conclusion to their findings after they received a complaint from me, has been to confine it to the 'intelligence received' stance as the only reason for my arrest. They refuse to confirm the nature of the intelligence. 

I am also seeking a clear demonstration that they (the Police) will put in to place all measures to ensure this never happens to any other person.

The whole exercise of my arrest,  represented an obvious and significant interference with the 'Right to Liberty and Security' under Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights set out in Part I of Schedule 1 to the Human Rights Act 1998. There is also the matter of my detention for 14 hours, in a North Yorkshire Police cell, with them not providing any food and their restriction of fluids. This in any other country would be a clear breach of the Human Rights Conventions and the handling by North Yorkshire Police was  torture and humiliation of a detainee, a clear breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights!  From the minute I was released by North Yorkshire Police there was a complete denial of any legal duty of care. 

Having finalised their reports (as far as they are concerned), Devon and Cornwall Constabulary are refusing to discuss this matter any further. The last correspondence from them stated they would not be replying to any further correspondence from me in relation to this matter.  A local resolution to my complaints, an appeal, a direct approach to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Chief Constable, yet, there has been nothing greater than an acknowledgement that my details have been removed from the Police National Computer and the UNIFI localised computer systems. They still refuse to explain why I was arrested and refused to express any compassion to my plight. All I have ever asked for was a small 'statement of fact', so that references could be drawn up  An early intervention or support, confirming I was no longer under investigation would have allayed my former employers fears and they were prepared to draw up a character reference once a  statement of fact was issued as as they were never sure if the Police have a current interest in me.

The Polices arrogance is astounding (as I have said before on this site), I believe the Police know they 'got it wrong', but cannot or will not admit it. The average employer does not understand the significance of the removal of data from the Police National Computer and the destruction of DNA (something nearly as rare as a 'Royal Pardon'). All the employer hears is the words 'indecent images of children' making an immediate judgement of the 'court of the public opinion' and does not listen further; that it was a clear and candid mistake by the Police to call for my arrest as they never had an supporting evidence and that I have never been charged. North Yorkshire Police cobbled together a report which explained some of their 'mistakes', failing to answer a series of complaints and leaving more questions to be answered, but at least they were prepared to come partly clean. Part of their remorse, I believe was to remove, following my complaints, all my data. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary  have been defensive, lack any transparency, have choose to adopt 'selective word blindness' when reading my complaints and have tried to fob me off with their interpretation of  'rules and regulations' .