Through the last 5 years there have been several occasions when I tried to seek professional advice, much with a view to getting at least an apology from Chief Constables. 'Pigs may fly yet!'   . . . and I am now  of the mood to pursue some forms of compensation.

s'il vous plait. I am somewhat begging for 'pro bono publico' advice on the strength of what I present on the site, with other supporting documents  which can be made available. Advice which falls within the range of  "you have a  good case"  to "you don't stand a cat in hells chance" answers.

In my traumatised state I was held for 14 hours and deprived food and water by North Yorkshire Police.

The reasons for my arrest have never been given, a poorly constructed and written inquiry report did not specify reasons; an, appeal (about the report) was rejected 'out of hand'; and several letters remain unanswered. In a desperate state I contacted the  IPCC. The advice given was I write to the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, with a letter laying out the affect it was having on my mental health, asking for his support in allaying my previous employers fears about me being still under investigation (at the time). Something I wasn't. He denied me a response to this time critical request (ie less delay, the less gap in my employment history),

There are questions about him recognising the long term psychiatric hurt, that could fall within a criminal offence of ABH a his refusing to communicate, which would have  ameliorated  much of my anger and torment, has caused impacting damage to me and not allowing me to move on emotionally. 

Thank you for any support, in advance.

Use the contact page, please.