9 out 10 Police Officers (potentially) not VETTED

So potentially 9 out of 10 police officers are not vetted. All that sensitive information they could sell to the highest bidder. From the lack of vetting their past histories of buggery, rape, theft, [...]

The 'Inspector' calls.

“You think you understand, but you don’t, Mr.F”. The 'acting' Inspector's harassing retort was constant and his bullying expressed his irritation with me, as he repeated [...]

Sick minds

The UK is of sick mind. In which that sickness has generated a perversion of attitude to, and control of, children. It is a sickness that has drawn the main tenet of Police activities chasing ‘f [...]

"What attracts you to joining the Police service?"

"He died because force was used to restrain him, mostly in a prone, face down, position, and in addition a large webbing belt was put across his face in the course of those events."  Th [...]

What about being more dynamic and pro-active towards dealing with child abuse.

Our society continues to be in a mess, what do we do to stem the tide of abuse and abuse allegations?  The current debacle with football clubs and allegations by the '40 somethings' has t [...]

Will happiness ever return . .

  Lord Tennysons inspiring line tells us: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." (I'm not sure if I can). Will I ever be happy or secure again? 4 years of entrencheme [...]

The Wedding.

In March I was invited to attend the wedding of my nephew, after a long period of considering my attendance (much overcoming my fear of attending a social situation) I managed to stick out the ceremon [...]

Irony of Mental Health provision and the impact on Police resources.

Today, there has been concern raised about UK NHS  Mental Health services - yet again. This is from the Police who feel they are left  soley to deal with providing a 'place of safety' [...]

Lessons never learned, "not my job gov" . . . and the Magic Roundabout

Nearly every week we see the highlighting of professional failure. The consistency is that of professionals failing to alert one another and other agencies, to concerns they have affecting an individu [...]

The merry-go-round that is not fun!

Much like the rest of the world, I assume, I go through stages of emotional highs and lows. In my case the lows can be dreadfully low, well away from the random tears sessions frozen like a statue and [...]


This is where we are at.

"Some professionals wear their heart on their sleeve, police officers wear their truncheon in their hand . . ."

A criminal defence solicitor talking about the culture of modern police forces.

Says it all, really!


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