As we get older, we express our views with greater honesty!

The Sun Newspaper claims that "PRINCE Philip stunned crowds at Sandringham today (yesterday) when he pointed to a bearded man and asked if he was a "terrorist". The 96-year-old, who is known for his royal gaffes, made the joke as he walked to morning service at St Mary Magdalene church."  (The article)

I must profess that I'm not a avid Sun reader and all I really did was follow the link from this story found on the NEWSPAPERS page of the BBC News website. 'The Sun' is an easy read, consistent with the academic view that the Suns reading age is ranked to be read by the average 10 year old. It's a pity that the Sun cannot do indepth reporting, as this would bring some serious issues and real news to 'the great unwashed!'.

If the article is correct I raise the question 'Has Prince Philip gaffed?' Or is it a case of 'he has blown the gaffe'. The spotlight on the gingerbearded man, believed to be from the Royal Protection Service and sporting an unkempt beard, maybe looked like the steroetypical terrorist. There are many officers throughout the country, inculcating this fashion to blend into the local communities.. Who has not seen Police officers in our shopping malls proudly sporting the catweasle straggly beard look, well away from the groomed and carefully trimmed 'Naval beard' look.

With the prolific growth of this fashion, put a terrorist in a Police Officers uniform and currently this scruffy 'uncared for' look and fashion appearance could be waved away, without any question of the individual. 

PS. My father always said "Men who have beards, have something to hide", but that is the view of a former military served type 87 year old, who is often presents bruisingly honest views. 

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This is where we are at.

"Some professionals wear their heart on their sleeve, police officers wear their truncheon in their hand . . ."

A criminal defence solicitor talking about the culture of modern police forces.

Says it all, really!


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