Football, Tennis and now the MoD

What other organisations can these compensation hungry torturing people seek out, with torment, then aggravate the good works done, by few for so many? 

Following the report on the abuse at the 'Haut de la Garenne'  - Jersey Childrens Home , this week we hear that historic and modern day abuse of minors being described as 'rampant' in CCF groups and the Army Cadet Forces. The 'life' hurt people are running out of organisations to accuse. Maybe the school crossing patrols or even staff in WHSmith, who interact with children, will soon be in the  'cross hairs' of these compensation focused historic abuse claimants.

Lots of "allegations".  It is always concerning that a flurry of accusations come out of nowhere - is it people being encouraged to come forward, or is it a bandwagon?

How many people, considering there have been 1500 allegations against football coaches accused of sexual abuse, by these life crisis driven over 30 year old blokes, have actually been arrested, charged and even prosecuted after nearly 11 months of investigations by a dozen police forces? 

Nearly 15 years ago a friend, a solicitor, represented a teacher accused of an offence of striking a minor.  After great effort he managed to find evidence that completely disproved the case. He said at the time "It's all about compensation from the local authority, who pay up rather than investigate". My friend also commented about the harm it has caused to his client and that there would be no redress against the minor or his parents who fabricated evidence. 

The Minstry of Defence has 'shed loads of money' and has in the past paid up rather than investigate  - so for some it's going to be an easy target for 'compo'!

God help us from the damage these false claimant people do to the lives of those who have genuinely suffered abuse and as the real claimants fight to be heard locked into the trauma to the sea of legal filth. Often all the real claimant wants is for their story to be heard. Whereas many of those who make false allegaions (often proven by the chronology of seeking out compensation solicitors first)  see 'money' as their aim through fraudulent claims. Maverick and mercenary solicitors akin to acting agencies, actively seek out the 'Nicks' of this world who can put on a good show, 'act the victim' and 'spin a good yarn'. Thus the 'fase claimants'  waste police time with no consideration to the considerable financial burden to you and I as taxpayers.


Devon and Somerset RAF officer cleared of sexual assault. 

BBC NEWS Article - 15th August 2017.

I was always told that if a case went to court, approved by the CPS, and later found to be wanting it reveals the complete incompetence of the police who investigated and compounded the wrongness of seeking prosecution. With the current 'discount store' approach to conviction, I am surprised that any case comes to trial without it being a defined case of guilt and in reality the trial being just a formality.

In service terms all I can say to this case is 'Poor Sod' and he is the one who has been completely 'buggered'! Elements of doubt will always remain in the wider population and his reputation has been completely tainted; aided and abetted by corrupt and perverted minds beyond the claimant.

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This is where we are at.

"Some professionals wear their heart on their sleeve, police officers wear their truncheon in their hand . . ."

A criminal defence solicitor talking about the culture of modern police forces.

Says it all, really!


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