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Since 1st April, this not an 'April Fool Joke', the Police have to fill in a 10 page report where they employ handcuffs, use a baton or CS gas. According to the BBC News Website .

'Welcome to the real world, Officer' and 'Well done for catching up!' Hopefully this will bring to light some of the actions of thuggery, that go unrecorded and previously were not placed on the custody record.

Maybe, finally, some of the 'Rugger Buggers' (those who race to engage in physical activity) will ameliorate their 'get in there' approach and learn some interpersonal skills. Rather than inflamming situtations, they might start to grasp the concept of de-escalation

For years, those of us who worked in education became familiar with form filling. In my early career dealing with some of the most psychotic, agreesive and troubled city youngsters, who tested us to limits, I could spend half a shift (and beyond) completing incident forms. If a child was at risk from 'self-harm', through engaging in a risk activity, that placed them precariously to injury, I would wryly appeal (to some of the more 'wayward adolescent' ) as they climbed onto roofs, or threw sticks at on another. "Please don't do that 'Robert', because if you do I have to spend the whole afternoon, not being with you, but filling in a dozen forms to explain how you became injured". Often the most strange retort achieved a result albeit it being a little sarcastic and even reproachable. Whatever the case there was, and still is as far as I am aware with such incidents, there was the expectation to complete a dozen forms to cover our actions as the carers towards chidren and it was enshined in policy statements.. 

Previousy, for the Police, it might have been the recognition that the exposure of officers poor literacy skills has held back this measure, but with some practice this will improve. A positive could be that they now consider their options, before they wade in  'American cop' style ready to shoot, At the back of their minds knowing that they are compelled to write with 'consideration' of litigation' and  making sure it is consistent with any future medical recordings.

It is not often you'll hear me defending the Police, after all said they have failed in the past to come to my aid, but in practical terms (when there is the need to use force in public dis-order events, especially riot) there might be a hesitation with a minds eye on the paper work that could ensue. There will become mountains of it, as the police  tackle the explosive public order needs, especially in the aclaimed 'wild' west country as they police these 'lawless, high crime, riot ticking areas with their view of undercurrent pensioner activity, here in Devon and Cornwall!'  

(See the Blog - 'Wild West Country' to understand the mis-representation of the local culture, marked with an agressive approach by Devon and Cornwall Constabuary to the public)

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This is where we are at.

"Some professionals wear their heart on their sleeve, police officers wear their truncheon in their hand . . ."

A criminal defence solicitor talking about the culture of modern police forces.

Says it all, really!


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