Sick minds

The UK is of sick mind. In which that sickness has generated a perversion of attitude to, and control of, children. It is a sickness that has drawn the main tenet of Police activities chasing ‘fairy dust’. The sickness has perverted the attitude to males, where criminal sexual interference is claimed to be of such a scale that it has developed a  ‘war’ footing. This ‘war’ ascribes that every street corner and play park in Britain is riddled with preying sexual perpetrators ready to pounce on the vulnerable.

Much stimulated by propaganda, this has afforded sick minds the window of opportunity to make accusations, mainly unsupported, of current and historic abuse. We need to accept that many complaints are derived from the ‘claims’ culture and a ‘no win, no fee’ industry. A bi product of this has allowed sundry agitators a full hearing to make non-credible and non-evidenced complaints, forcing the Police into full investigation mode, with complainants being confident that any falseness in their allegations will never be challenged. This includes allegations supported by individual police officers.

The sickness is at odds to the justice process of ‘innocence until proven guilty’. The sickness has the realisation that has perverted the career choices of many males, whose only ‘ill intent’ has become excluding themselves from the involvement in leisure activities and non-parental support given to children. Thus, withdrawing their talents and skills to a whole generation. It has become so pervasive and destructive that many males think twice about engaging with children, in case they become falsely accused of interference. The first week of teacher training, to those who dare venture into the high risk career path, is dedicated to lectures about protecting themselves from ‘false allegation’. When madness rules, the absurd is not far away.

Parents are panicked and afraid, denying their off-spring development paths, independence and socialisation through the use of play parks, denying them the opportunity to join organised groups, such as Scouts and Guides and withdrawing their children from Colt Sunday football league and other sports. This is what results when the experts, such as Chief Constable Simon Bailey, announce non empirical data and unsupported statistics, “that there a 750,000 paedophiles in Britain” (July 2014).

This of course (in aggregate terms of averages and statistics) raises a count. If we accept these statistics, there are 37 police officers in Devon and Cornwall Police, alone, and potentially several thousand throughout the UK who are actively engaged in regular paedophile behaviour. All of which have escaped the dawn raids, arrests, detainment, bail periods, public announcements, loss of honour and destruction of careers surrounded by sick minds who fail to acknowledge that there lays a problem, if we accept these statistics from so called ‘experts’.

The UK is either seriously of sick mind in its analysis of ongoing activity, where fund seeking propaganda has become the norm to address issues of ‘public protection’ or there is a pandemic of sick minds towards children. The police services are rapidly becoming assailant to the issue. Sometimes in life there is a need  to ‘fall back, analyse the facts, plan and then move forward’ to make progress. Best to be thought a fool, than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

I am collateral damage to this culture of perverse public protection. The Police will find themselves under more public scrutiny and in depth investigation, if they deliberately ignore those they accuse and later it is revealed as ‘arrest without evidence’. ‘My will’ makes it very clear that my assets are to be sold and all monies from any equities are to be used to raise public awareness of the ‘sickness’ of police services and individual officers through public campaigns. Much like ‘road danger spots’, we all know that it takes a death to see corrections in road users’ attitude and behaviour, despite reasoned argument being put forward to see corrections before the event. This analogy is true to Police officers actions when it comes to the falsely accused and their involvement as all reasonable requests are ignored once it is accepted as a mistake. Mine was only ever one request. “What was the evidence that supported the calling for my arrest?’.

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This is where we are at.

"Some professionals wear their heart on their sleeve, police officers wear their truncheon in their hand . . ."

A criminal defence solicitor talking about the culture of modern police forces.

Says it all, really!


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